Duplicating a transaction

This function allows to create a new transaction with the exact same characteristics (e.g. card number) as the transaction that was used for duplication.

A duplicated transaction has the same characteristics as all the other transactions, and it can be duplicated itself.

During duplication of a transaction, a new authorization request is made with the card number that corresponds to the original transaction. This transaction does not have a payment guarantee.

The payment receipt will be sent to the buyer if the e-mail is specified for the transaction used for duplication and if the notification rule associated with sending an e-mail to the buyer is active.

Transactions that can be subject to duplication must have one of the following status(es):

  • Captured
  • Expired
  • Canceled
  • Refused

The duplication of refused transactions made with Mastercard cards (Mastercard, Maestro, Mastercard Debit) is forbidden when one of the following reasons is mentioned:

  • 04 - Please hold card
  • 14 - Invalid cardholder number
  • 15 - Unknown card issuer
  • 41 - Lost card
  • 43 - Stolen card
  • 54 - Exp. date of the card passed

To duplicate a transaction:

  1. Select the transaction.
  2. Click Duplicate.
    The dialog box Duplication of the transaction appears. All of the fields are pre-populated.
    You can modify:
    • The order reference
    • The amount
    • The currency
      If the selected currency is not supported the following message is displayed: Currency not supported by this Merchant ID (MID) and/or shop.
      If the selected currency is supported and multi-currency is possible in your contract, the conversion rate will be applied. The details of the new transaction will be displayed with both currencies: local currency and new currency.
    • The requested capture date
      It can not be earlier than the transaction modification date.
    • The validation mode by (un)checking Manual validation.
  3. Click Duplicate to continue or Cancel to cancel the duplication.
The transaction can be viewed in the Transactions is progress tab.