Information request

An information request is an operation that allows to verify the validity of the card, without debiting it.

This is a specific type of authorization request, the amount of which is 0.

When the acquirer does not support information requests, the only way to verify a card is to make a EUR 1 authorization request, without capturing it at the bank.

Holders of prepaid and immediate debit cards will see a virtual debit of EUR 1 on their account.

Depending on the card type, the outstanding balance of the card is then restored when the issuer cancels the EUR 1 authorization request (up to 30 days for debit cards).

An information request is sent:
  • For a deferred payment, if the capture date is beyond the authorization lifespan
  • When creating a card token without a payment
  • When updating a card token

Information requests (or EUR 1 authorizations, if applicable) are represented in the Merchant Back Office by a “Verification” type transaction.