Payment in foreign currency with conversion

Payment in foreign currency with conversion allows Merchants to present price catalogs in different currencies, but without having to manage their finances in currencies other than euro.

This solution simply requires an acceptance contract in euros.

When the gateway receives the amount in a currency different from euro, it makes a conversion into euro based on the daily exchange rate provided by Visa.

The buyer is informed of the indicative rate in euros at the time of payment, but does not really know the final amount of the transaction.

The capture at the bank does not necessarily occur on the day of the authorization and the rate may therefore vary between the date of authorization and the date of capture.

For this reason, the counter value in euro displayed at the time of payment is provided as an indication.

This means that:
  • The authorization request is sent in euro to the card issuer, as the merchant acceptance agreement is exclusively in euro.
  • The capture is made exclusively in euro.
  • The Buyer is debited in euros with exchange fees applied by their bank, without managing the exchange rate.

At the end of the payment, the Merchant receives a notification containing:
  • The amount in foreign currency.
  • The currency.
  • The amount in euro, calculated using the exchange rate in force at the time of the authorization.
  • The applied exchange rate.