The implementation of 3DS2 will be done consecutively and may last until 2021.

  • Fallback to 3DS1

    While 3DS2 is being deployed by all the operators, the following process will be applied:
    1. The payment gateway initiates the process of 3D Secure v2 authentication.
    2. If the card is 3D Secure v2 enrolled, the 3D Secure v2 process continues.
    3. If the card is not 3D Secure v2 enrolled, the payment gateway proceeds with cardholder authentication in 3D Secure v1 mode.
  • Merchant enrollment

    No impact on already 3DS1-enrolled merchants. The payment gateway is responsible for 3DS2 enrollments on different Directory Servers (DS).

    As for companies that are not yet 3DS1-enrolled, the payment gateway will enroll them to 3DS1 and 3DS2.

  • Impact of implementation on the merchant website

    Little impact. Without any modifications, your current implementation is compatible with 3DS2, even if you display the payment page in an iframe.

    When all operators are operational, it will be possible to transmit complementary details to increase the chances of frictionless during payments (see corresponding chapter Increasing the chances of a frictionless payment).

  • Selective 3D Secure

    Merchants who use the vads_threeds_mpi field for disabling 3D Secure v1 will have to update their implementation in order to take into account the newly available options:

    The new values will only become available after 3DS2 is enabled for your MID.

    As of September 2020, issuers can refuse the transaction if 3D Secure authentication has not been performed.

    This behavior is called “Soft Decline”.

    To reduce the number of rejected payments, the payment gateway automatically makes a new payment attempt with 3D Secure authentication, when possible.

    Value Description
    missing or empty or 0 Management of 3DS authentication delegated to the payment gateway (domain, provider, shop configuration).
    • 3DS1: Forced 3DS1 authentication.
    • 3DS2: The gateway sends the NO PREFERENCE value to the issuer.
    1 Deprecated.
    • 3DS1: Disabled 3DS authentication.

      Requires the “Selective 3D Secure” option.

      By using this value, you expose yourself to “Soft decline” refusals.

    • 3DS2: NO CHALLENGE REQUESTED Allows to request authentication without interaction (frictionless) only in the case where:
      1. The payment is made in euro, in the area of application of the DSP2.
      2. The eligible amount is lower than €30.

      The merchant loses the payment guarantee if the request is accepted.

      In all the other cases, the value transmitted to the issuer will be NO PREFERENCE.

    • 3DS1: Forced 3DS1 authentication.
    • 3DS2: CHALLENGE REQUESTED: 3DS Requestor Preference Allows to request strong authentication for the transaction.
    • 3DS1: Forced 3DS1 authentication.
    • 3DS2: CHALLENGE REQUESTED: mandate Allows to indicate that, due to regulatory reasons, strong authentication is required for the transaction.
    • 3DS1: Forced 3DS1 authentication.
    • 3DS2: NO PREFERENCE: Allows to indicate to the DS that the merchant does not have a preference. If the issuer decides to perform an authentication without interaction (frictionless), the payment will be guaranteed.
  • Management of transactions with amounts over €30 and a merchant preference

    As long as the issuers are not ready for frictionless transactions, if the merchant sends the value NO_CHALLENGE_REQUESTED in the payment request, the gateway replaces this value with NO_PREFERENCE.

    Thus, if the issuer decides to challenge the buyer, the merchant does not lose the payment guarantee.

  • Creation of a token

    Eventually, strong authentication will always be required during token creation, regardless of the merchant’s choice.

  • Installment and recurring payments

    Eventually, strong authentication will always be required for the first installment, regardless of the merchant’s choice.

  • IPN

    A field has been added to the IPN in order to transmit the used authentication type (vads_threeds_auth_type) (FRICTIONLESS or CHALLENGE) to the merchant.