Managing interaction with the merchant website

Two types of URLs are used to manage the dialog with the merchant website:

  • Instant Payment Notification, also called the IPN,
  • Return URL to the merchant website.

Instant Payment Notification - IPN

The Notification URL is the URL of a specific page on the merchant website that is automatically called by the payment gateway when certain events take place.

By default, the rules are created to manage the events below:
  • end of payment (accepted or rejected),
  • payment abandoned or canceled,
  • token creation or update,
  • recurring payment creation,
  • new installment date,
  • authorization made in case of a deferred payment,
  • update of a transaction status by the acquirer,
  • operation made via the Merchant Back Office (cancellation, refund, duplication, manual payment, etc.).

These rules must be enabled and configured according to the needs of the merchant.

With each call, the payment gateway transmits transaction details to the merchant website. It is called instant notification (or IPN as in Instant Payment Notification).

To guarantee the security of the exchange, the data is signed with a key known only to the merchant and the payment gateway.

URL of return to the merchant website

In the Merchant Back Office, the merchant can configure the "default” return URLs via the menu Settings > Shop > Configuration tab:

Figure 1. Setting up return URLs

The merchant can set up a different return URL for each mode.

By default, the buyer is redirected to the URL regardless of the payment result.

If no URL has been set up, the main URL of the shop will be used for redirection (URL parameter defined in the Details section of the shop).

The merchant will be able to override this setting in his/her payment form (see chapter Setting up return URLs).


The status of the "Instant Payment Notification at the End of Payment" (IPN) rule is displayed in this window. If the URL has not been set up, make sure to specify it (see chapter Setting up notifications).