Payment Guarantee

Enrolling the shop for 3D Secure protects the Merchant against several types of chargeback.

Here are the characteristics of guaranteed transactions:

  • The YES value of the vads_warranty_result parameter in the response of a payment made via the payment page.
  • The YES value of the liabilityShift parameter in the response of a payment made via the JavaScript client or the Web Services.
  • The Payment Guarantee section is set to YES in Merchant Back Office.
  • 3D_LS is set to YES in the transaction report.

If this data is set to a different value (e.g. NO or UNKNOWN), the transaction is not covered by the 3D Secure guarantee.

Enrollment for 3D Secure does not protect you against all types of chargebacks and fraud.

In addition, to fall within the scope of the 3D Secure guarantee, the transaction must be made with an eligible card (network, geographical area, product), and respect specific conditions.

Therefore, the Merchant must remain vigilant when analyzing orders in order to avoid shipping goods in case of suspected fraud. If the Merchant’s fraud rate exceeds the standards defined by VISA and MASTERCARD, they may have the authority to cancel the 3D Secure protection.

Furthermore, 3D Secure protection is not applied to:

  • Payments submitted manually by the Merchant.
  • Transactions “duplicated” by the Merchant.
  • Payments deferred beyond the authorization validity period (6 days for CB).
  • Various installments of installment payments, apart from the first installment.
  • Recurring payments.
  • Payments made using a file sharing service.