Payment in installments

A payment is considered to be an “installment payment” if the amount for the purchase is debited to the buyer’s account in several installments.

The first installment works the same way as an immediate payment.

The next installment(s) is similar to (a) deferred payment(s).

Only the first installment can be guaranteed to the merchant on the condition that the requested capture date for the first installment is set before the authorization expiry date, depending on the payment method (see Authorization validity period section).

As part of the implementation of PSD2, the cardholder will be required to undergo strong authentication when making the first installment payment.


The validity of the payment method is checked throughout the payment schedule.

Otherwise, a warning is displayed to the buyer.

The buyer will then have to specify another payment method or abandon the payment.

It is possible, however, that the card is renewed or canceled before the end of the payment schedule.

In this case, the payments will be refused by the issuing bank (auto 54 return code: Payment method expired.

You will be notified by e-mail about a rejected installment payment via the notification rule "Refusal e-mail for deferred payment".