Processing errors

If the payment gateway detects an error while receiving the form, an error message will appear and the buyer will not be able to proceed to the payment.

In TEST mode

The message indicates the source of the error and provides a link to the error code description to help you fix it.


The message simply indicates to the buyer that a technical problem has occurred.

In both cases the merchant receives a notification e-mail.

It contains:
  • the source of the error,
  • a link to possible causes to facilitate its analysis,
  • all the fields of the form.

The e-mail is sent to the company administrator.

If you wish to change this address or add an address, contact E-commerce customer service.

You can also create a personalized notification rule to receive this e-mail at another address.

To do this:
  1. Sign in to your Merchant Back Office:

  2. Open the Settings > Notification rules > menu.
  3. Select Advanced notification.
  4. Select the type of E-mail sent to the merchant notification.
  5. Click Next.
  6. Select the trigger event for Invalid payment form.
  7. In the General settings, fill in the fields:
    • Rule reference
    • E-mail address to notify
  8. Click Create.

A description of the error codes with their possible causes is available on our website

Other messages may appear during the payment process.

Here is a list of the most frequent messages:

Message Description
This website does not currently accept payments. "Seasonal service" is enabled in your shop. Payments are only authorized during the defined period. If you want to modify the opening period of your shop, please contact E-commerce customer service.
Your registration request has been declined by your financial institution.
  • The buyer's bank has rejected the authorization or information request.
  • The risk assessment rules have triggered the rejection of the transaction.
This payment order is expired. Please contact your shop. The buyer clicked on the payment link after the payment order expiration date.
This payment order has already been paid. The buyer clicked on the payment link one more time after having already made the payment.
An error occurred during the payment request, the merchant website has been informed of the impossibility to finalize the transaction. The payment form has been rejected. The shop administrator has received an e-mail with the details about the origin of the error.
The transaction has already been made. The merchant website sends a transaction identifier that has already been used for another transaction (accepted or rejected). The transaction identifier must be unique within the same day (00:00:00 at 23:59:59 UTC).
Sorry, you have been disconnected due to a long period of inactivity.
  • The buyer attempts to validate the card number while the payment session is expired. The session is open for about 10 minutes.
  • The merchant website sends a transaction identifier that has already been used but that did not result in a transaction (e.g. abandoned payment). The transaction identifier must be unique within the same day (00:00:00 at 23:59:59 UTC).
Cookies are blocked by your browser. Make sure you authorize them before retrying the operation. The buyer has disabled cookies in his or her browser. Cookies are necessary for the payment to be processed correctly.