Description Allows to specify the shipping type.

Input field.

Format enum
Error code 94
Possible values
  • RECLAIM_IN_SHOP for picking up the item at the shop.
  • RELAY_POINT for using a third-party pick-up network (Kiala, Alveol, etc.).
  • RECLAIM_IN_STATION for picking up the item at an airport, a guard or a travel agency.
  • PACKAGE_DELIVERY_COMPANY for shipping by the transporter (Colissimo, UPS, etc.).
  • ETICKET for sending an electronic ticket, download.
  • CARD_HOLDER_ADDRESS: Delivery to the buyer.
  • VERIFIED_ADDRESS: Delivery to a verified address.
  • NOT_VERIFIED_ADDRESS: Delivery to a non-verified address.
  • SHIP_TO_STORE: In-store delivery.
  • DIGITAL_GOOD: Digital delivery.
  • OTHER: Other.
  • PICKUP_POINT: Pick-up point delivery.
  • AUTOMATED_PICKUP_POINT: Withdrawal at an automated pickup point.
Category Shipping details.