Payment by token

Payment by token allows to use a pre-registered token for making single or multiple payments without having to select a payment method and enter banking details.

In this case, a simple confirmation step is presented with a summary of the transaction (number and amount).

  1. The buyer verifies the information displayed on the payment page.
    If the payment amount is a bank card, the CVV code may be required at this stage if the card has one.
  2. The buyer clicks Validate.
    An authorization request is made with the payment method associated to the token. If it is successfully completed, a summary appears.
    It is possible to send these details to the buyer by e-mail and receive:
    • the buyer's token that they can later use for another financial operation,
    • the payment details.
    To find out how to send these details by e-mail, see chapter Configuring e-mails sent to the buyer.
    In case the token is associated to an expired bank card, the payment gateway will automatically offer the buyer to enter new banking details in order to make a payment and update the token that is associated with it.

    The token will not be created if the authorization or information request is rejected.