Defining the currency for creating or updating a token


  • you have a MID that supports several currencies,

  • you have several shops,

  • your shops are all linked to the same MID,

  • each shop generates payments in a different currency,

    (e.g.: US dollar for the first shop, Euro for the second shop)

it is possible that the currency used when creating or updating a token is not supported by the shop.

By default, the payment gateway uses alphabetical order when selecting the currency for performing the necessary checks with the payment method issuer.

In order to avoid IPN processing errors, you can transmit the information about the currency to use via the form.


It will always be possible to use the token for making payments in any currency supported by the MID.

Nom du champ Description Format Valeur
vads_currency Code numérique de la monnaie à utiliser pour le paiement, selon la norme ISO 4217 (code numérique) n3 E.g.: 978 for euro (EUR)