Transaction details

Field name Format Description Input Output
vads_acquirer_transient_data json Information specific to the acquirer. x
vads_amount n..12 Transaction amount expressed in the smallest currency unit (cents for euro). x x
vads_auth_mode enum Mode of the authorization request. x
vads_auth_number an..6 Authorization number returned by the bank server. x
vads_auth_result an..11 Return code of the authorization request returned by the issuing bank. x
vads_authent_nsu ans..255 Unique Sequence Number. Used in Latin America. x
vads_capture_delay n..3 Delay in days before capture in the bank. x x
vads_change_rate string Exchange rate used to calculate the effective payment amount (multi-currency payment). x
vads_contract_used ans..250 Merchant ID used. x
vads_contracts map Merchant ID to be used. x
vads_currency n3 Numeric code of the currency to be used for the payment. x x
vads_effective_amount n..12 The payment amount presented in the smallest unit of the currency used for the capture in the bank (cents for euro). x
vads_effective_creation_date n14 Date of transaction registration in UTC format (GMT+0, 24H) (YYYYMMDDHHMMSS). x
vads_effective_currency n3 Currency used for the capture in the bank. x
vads_ext_trans_id enum External transaction reference. x
vads_first_installment_delay n..3 Number of deferred months to be used for the first installment of payment in installments. x
vads_operation_type enum Type of operation: debit, credit (refund), verification. x
vads_payment_cards liste d'enum List of payment methods to offer to the buyer. x
vads_payment_certificate an40 Field populated by the payment platform if the authorization has been successfully completed. x
vads_payment_config enum Payment type: immediate or installment. x x
vads_payment_option_code an..5 Code of the used payment option. x x
vads_payment_seq json Split payment sequence. x
vads_payment_src enum Entry mode for payment method data. x x
vads_presentation_date n14 Requested capture date. x
vads_requestor enum In order to modify the value of the "Aceite" field for a Boleto Bancario x x
vads_sequence_number n..3 Transaction sequence (installment) number. x
vads_token_id an..32 Payment order ID associated with the transaction. x
vads_trans_date n14

Date and time in UTC format (GMT+0, 24H) (YYYYMMDDHHMMSS).

x x
vads_trans_id n6 Unique transaction ID. x x
vads_trans_status enum Transaction status. x
vads_trans_uuid ans32 Unique transaction ID generated by the payment platform. x
vads_validation_mode n1 Transaction validation mode. x x
vads_warranty_result enum Liability shift in case of accepted payment. x