To use this payment method, it is strongly recommended to configure the Category association parameter. This parameter is present in the General configuration > Additional options part of the module.

To use this payment method, the merchant must:

  • Request the activation of the Payment via Klarna option via Systempay,
  • Sign a contract with Klarna.

This payment method will be available if the buyer specifies one of the following countries as their billing address: Germany, Denmark, Finland, Austria, Netherlands, Norway or Sweden.

Module option

To enable the Klarna payment method, select Enabled.

By default, this option is Disabled.

Activation redirects the buyer directly to the Klarna payment page.

However, this payment method can also appear on the payment page if the buyer selects the standard payment (if there are no restrictions in General configuration > Card Types).

Payment method title This option allows you to define the title of the payment method.

The buyer will see this title when choosing a payment method.

If your shop is available in several languages, a drop-down list will appear on the right of the method title. Changing the language allows you to enter a different title in each language.


This option allows you to define the description of the payment method.

If your shop supports several languages, you can also define the description of the payment method for each language.

Supported countries

Configure the countries for which the payment method is available:

  • All countries: the payment method is available for all countries.
  • Specific countries: after choosing this option, the list of Authorized countries appears. Press and hold “Ctrl” and select the countries of your choice from the list of Authorized countries.
Minimum amount This field defines the minimum amount for which you wish to offer this payment method.
Maximum amount This field defines the maximum amount beyond which you do not wish to offer this payment method.
Payment page
Capture delay

Delay (in days) before the capture for this payment method.

A value between 0 and 7 days must be entered, as recommended by Klarna.

The field is filled with “0” by default.

Once you have completed the configuration, click Save.

WARNING: In the WooCommerce Back Office, the payment will be displayed with the On-Hold status. As opposed to payment by credit card, the final stage of a Klarna payment is reached when the bank transfer is validated by Klarna. It is required to configure the Instant Payment Notification URL on batch change in order to send the final status to the merchant website.

The merchant will have to validate the payment in the Systempay Back Office.