Managing Soft Decline

Operating principle

  1. The merchant website initiates a transaction in euro and disables the 3D Secure authentication via the strongAuthentication field in the Charge/CreatePayment request.
  2. The payment gateway returns the formToken to the merchant website.
  3. The merchant website uses the formToken to display the embedded form.
  4. The card data is transmitted by the JavaScript client to the payment gateway.
  5. The payment gateway performs an authorization request without 3DS data.
  6. The card issuer refuses the transaction with the “Soft Decline” motive.
  7. The payment gateway creates a refused transaction. The merchant website is not notified about this transaction.
  8. The payment gateway automatically initiates a new payment, with 3D Secure authentication without requesting the buyer to enter their card details once again.
  9. If the 3D Secure authentication is successful, the gateway performs a new authorization request.
  10. If the authorization request is accepted, the payment gateway creates an accepted transaction with a sequence number (sequenceNumber) set to 2, then notifies the merchant website.
  11. The merchant website displays the order confirmation page.