Operation in case of additional payment attempts

Operating principle

If you have configured a number of additional attempts that is greater than 0 in your Merchant Back Office and you have enabled notification upon each attempt, the notification principle applies as follows:

Example with one additional payment attempt:

  1. The merchant website initiates a transaction in euro by disabling the 3D Secure authentication via the vads_threeds_mpi field.
  2. The buyer enters their card data on the payment page.
  3. The payment gateway performs an authorization request.
  4. The card issuer refuses the transaction with the “Soft Decline” motive.
  5. A refused transaction is created. The merchant website is not notified about this transaction.
  6. The payment gateway automatically initiates a new payment, with 3D Secure authentication, whose sequence number (vads_sequence_number) is set to 2.
  7. The buyer is prompted to perform 3D Secure authentication, without having to re-enter their card data.
  8. After 3D Secure authentication, the gateway performs a new authorization request.
  9. If the payment is refused, the transaction is created with a sequence number set to 2. The merchant website is notified about the payment rejection.
  10. The payment gateway invites the buyer to make a new payment attempt with 3DS.

    The buyer enters their card data and proceeds to 3DS authentication.

  11. If the payment is refused, this time for insufficient balance for example, the merchant website is notified of the payment result. The sequence number (vads_sequence_number) present in the notification is set to 3. The payment is complete.