Returning the form with redirect in the IPN

At the end of the payment, the brand selected by the buyer is returned in the IPN via the vads_card_brand and vads_brand_management fields.

Field name Format Description
vads_brand_management json

This parameter is an output field.

It indicates to the merchant:

  • if the buyer has used a brand that is different from the one defined by default by the merchant (“userChoice” attribute),
  • the brand chosen by the buyer (“brand” attribute),
  • the list of available brands (“brandList” attribute).
Examples for a CB contract configured with the CB brand by default:
  • The buyer has selected the default brand:
vads_brand_management={"userChoice":false, "brand":"CB","brandList":"CB|VISA"}
  • The buyer has selected a brand that is different from the one in your contract:
vads_brand_management={"userChoice":true, "brand":"VISA","brandList":"CB|VISA"}
  • The card is not co-branded CB/Visa or Mastercard:
vads_brand_management={"userChoice":false, "brand":"VISA","brandList":"VISA"}
vads_card_brand string Brand of the card used for the payment.