Systempay offers you a unique solution for integrating mobile payment into your applications.

Our solution covers native iOS and Android applications. It is based on the use of the webview component.

A WebView allows to display content that is already available on the web within the application.

Thus, the Systempay solution for mobile payment via WebView offers several advantages to the merchant:

  • A unique web and mobile configuration.
    You can copy the payment configuration of your website.
    Enabled payment methods, anti-fraud rules, etc. are included in the mobile application.
  • Consistency in the display of information related to the buyer journey.
    Our payment pages are responsive and, therefore, are able to adapt to the different terminals of your customers (mobile, tablet or desktop).
  • High security thanks to our PCI DSS certification on the one hand, and to the 3DS management integrated in the payment path on the other hand.

PCI DSS (= Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) is the security standard of the payment card industry. It is a data security standard for major payment card networks such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and JCB.