Viewing in detail the expiring cards file of a company.

Naming of common files

The name of reporting files should follow conservative guidelines and must provide 4 pieces of information all separated by the point character.

Nomenclature Description
YYYYMM Represents the date when the file was generated. Example: 201810
EXP_CARDS Generic name indicating exported cards.
ENS Name of the company (ENS = Abbreviation of Company's name). Example: My-Company
z Letter "z" takes either the value "T" for a file in TEST mode, or "P" for a file in PRODUCTION mode.

Filename example : 201810.EXP_CARDS.MA-ENS.T.csv

Header record

Pos. Description Format Possible values Equivalence
01 Record code n2 00  
02 File type   EXP_CARDS  
03 Environment a1 T or P vads_ctx_mode
04 Creation date n8 Task start date  
05 Time of creation n6 Task start time  

Details record

Pos. Description Format Possible values Equivalence
01 Record code n2 02  
02 Card alias ans..50   vads_identifier
03 Cardholder name an..127   vads_cust_name
04 Cardholder e-mail an..127   vads_cust_email
05 Card exp. date n8 YYYYMMDD  
06 The number of not terminated recurrences associated with this token n..6 The recurrences detail can be found in the corresponding shop file  

End record

Pos. Description Format Possible values
01 Record code n2 01
02 Total number of transmitted detail records n..6  
03 End date of processing n8 YYYYMMDD
04 End time of processing n6 HHMMSS

Example of a file

02;0cbb70b8f9634f2ebdb10674a8e3af4f;Dupont Durant;;20180722;0
02;86d73ae99c38423fbba535d04acd2314;Axel Kant;;20180722;0