Naming rules

Nomenclature Description

Date of file generation in the YYYYMMDD format.

E.g.: 20200603

<shopId> The 8-digit shop identifier as it was defined in the Merchant Back Office

E.g.: 12345678

PAY Type of operation (PAYMENT)
ANS File type (ANSWER).

2 possible values:

  • T for a TEST mode file.

  • P for a PRODUCTION mode file.
<sequence> Sequential number (2 numeric characters) of the file within the same day.
  • 01 for the 1st file of the day,
  • 02 for the 2nd file of the day,
  • 99 for the 99th file of the day.

Example of test file name: 20200603.12345678.PAY.ANS.T.01

Example of production file name: 20200603.12345678.PAY.ANS.P.01