Checking the file format

This option allows to perform several checks on the structure of your file.

When you select Check file format, the import dialog box appears.

  1. Click Browse.
  2. Select the file to import.

    The size of the file must not exceed 1kb.

    The file must be named according to the rule specified in the chapter Naming rules. Example: 20161229.91335531.PAY.REQ.T.01

  3. Click Check.

If the file is properly structured, the following message appears.

If the file is structured incorrectly, a report appears indicating the detected error and the line that contains it.


The tables below present the different types of errors related to structure.

  • File format errors
    Error message Description
    The specified file size exceeds the maximum authorized size The size of the file must not exceed 1kb. It is recommended to create the file using programs such as Notepad, Notepad++, etc.
    Name of the file containing errors Your file does not match the naming convention (see chapter Naming rules).
  • Errors in the Header record line
    Error message Description
    Expected header type (record code 00) The first line of the file corresponds to the header record and must start with 00.
    Badly placed header (should be on the 1st line)
    Invalid number of columns The header record must include 8 columns.
    PAY not present in the header (null) The field n°2 of the header record must be populated with PAY.
    Incorrect header version (null) The field n°3 must be populated with 03.
    Incorrect shop identification (null) The Shop ID must contain 8 digits.
    Incorrect environment (null) Two possible values: TEST or PRODUCTION.
    Only transactions in TEST mode are possible You cannot submit a payment file in PRODUCTION mode.
    Incorrect creation date or time

    The date must have the YYYYMMDD format.

    The time must have the HHMMSS format.

    Execution date not empty This field must not be populated. It must remain empty.
    Header does not match filename The header and the filename must contain the same values for:
    • the shop ID,
    • the environment,
    • the creation date.


    Filename: 20161229.91335531.PAY.REQ.T.01

  • Errors in the Detail record line
    Error message Description
    Bad sequence number (field 2) Must start with 1.

    Given that the format (n..6) of the sequence contains 6 digits, it is safer to number the sequences 000001, 000002, etc. to avoid errors.

    Invalid number of columns Each detail record must include 16 columns.
  • Errors in the Trailer record line
    Error message Description
    No trailer (record code 01) The last line of the file must contain the trailer and start with 01.
    Invalid number of columns The trailer record must include 2 columns.
    Bad record number Must be equal to the exact number of transmitted detail records. When the detail record contains:
    • One record line, the value is 1.
    • Two record lines, the value is 2.
    • Three record lines, the value is 3.
    • etc.
  • Other technical errors
    Error message Description
    Unknown line type None of the lines appearing before the trailer record of the file must be empty. All lines must start with 00, 01 or 02.
    Data after end of file No lines (empty or not) must be present after the trailer record.