Naming rules

The names of reporting files should follow strict guidelines and provide several details separated by points.

This file type does not have an extension. Make sure you do not add the .txt or csv extensions.

Nomenclature Description

Date of file generation in the YYYYMMDD format.

E.g.: 20200603

<shopId> The 8-digit shop identifier as it was defined in the Merchant Back Office

E.g.: 12345678

PAY Type of operation (PAYMENT)
REQ File type (REQUEST).

2 possible values:

  • T for a TEST mode file.

  • P for a PRODUCTION mode file.
<sequence> Sequential number (2 numeric characters) of the file within the same day.
  • 01 for the 1st file of the day,
  • 02 for the 2nd file of the day,
  • 99 for the 99th file of the day.

Example of test file name: 20200603.12345678.PAY.REQ.T.01

Example of production file name: 20200603.12345678.PAY.REQ.P.01