Adding a payment method

To add a payment method:

  1. Go to Administration > Payment method.
  2. Click .

  3. Set up the payment method as follows:
Add new payment methods
Name Indicate the payment method name.

This label will also appear when the buyer selects their payment method.

Examples: Card payment with Systempay or Payment in 3 installments without fees for payment in installments.

Processor Select one of the following values:
  • Systempay - Standard payment
  • Systempay - Payment in installments

If you want to use standard payment and payment in installments, you will have to add one method after the other. Repeat the steps from the beginning to add the second payment method.

Template Non-editable value when Systempay is selected as processor.
Payment category Select Credit card.
User groups Check the user group you wish to propose the payment method to.

It is recommended to keep the All value.

Description Enables to describe the payment method.

E.g.: Secure payment with Systempay.

Surcharge This option allows you to define a possible surcharge for a product that will be paid with this payment method.

You can specify a fixed amount or a percentage of the product value.

It is common to leave this field blank, i.e. no surcharge for this payment option.

Surcharge title Overrides the title of the surcharge.
Taxes You can include a tax by checking the desired box.
Payment instructions Instructions that will appear when the buyer selects the payment method.

Once you have completed the configuration, click Create.