Module features

  • Immediate payment
  • Payment in installments
  • Multi-language compatibility
  • Multi-currency compatibility
  • Custom 3D Secure depending on the order amount
  • Automatic redirection to the shop once the payment is made
  • Definition of a minimum/maximum amount for each payment type
  • Configuration of the order status in case of success / failure / cancellation
  • Possibility to notify the Buyer in case of a refused or canceled payment
  • Systematic registration of orders at the end of payment via a silent URL (Instant Payment Notification URL)

Features not available via the payment module:

  • 1-click payment
  • Klarna payment
  • Oney 3x 4x payment
  • Automatic update or orders OpenCart in case of validation, duplication, cancellation, refund, modification via the Merchant Back Office
  • Update of deferred payment final result in OpenCart
  • Update in OpenCart of an expired payment if a payment with manual validation has not been validated in time by the Merchant