Payment in installments

In order to configure the payment module, go to Extensions > Extensions. Choose Payments as an extension type, search for the Systempay payment in installments module, then click Install (+).

Then, click Modify to access module configuration.

Installment payment module is configured in the same way as the standard payment module, except that it is also possible to configure the payment option in the payment in installments tab.

The additional parameters are:

Payment options
First installment

Amount of the first installment, expressed as a percentage of the total amount.


For an amount of EUR 100 in 3 installments, you can

set the percentage of the first payment at 50% of the

amount. This means that the amount of the

first installment will be EUR 50 an that the two

others will be of EUR 25.

For 50% enter 50.

If you want the amount of every installment to be the same, leave this field empty.


Number of installments:

3 for payment in 3 installments

4 for payment in 4 installments


Period Period (in days) between each installment.

Once you have completed the configuration, click Save.