Release notes

Version Date Comment
1.2 2/18/2020 New features
  • Addition of credit card installment payment.
1.1 10/2/2019 New features
  • Manual payment validation via the Back Office CMS.
  • Payment cancellation via the Back Office CMS.
  • Partial or full payment refund via the Back Office CMS.
  • Update of the payment amount via the Back Office CMS.
  • The following statuses are now taken into account: PRE_AUTHORIZED, ACCEPTED, WAITING_PAIMENT.
Bug fixes
  • In order to avoid amount deviations, we return the initial currency during a payment with currency conversion.
1.0.5 9/6/2018 New features
  • The delay of redirection to the merchant website after payment has been reduced to 0s.

  • Improved error handling (possibility to be redirected to the return page in case of an error).
Bug fixes
  • Return to the Shopify website systematically in GET mode to avoid HTTP 404 errors.
1.0.4 9/4/2017 New features
  • The redirection was set to 1 second for failed payments.

Bug fixes
  • Inclusion of the Shopify notification URLs that are based on the store’s domain.
1.0.3 8/7/2017 Bug fixes
  • Inclusion of the GET parameters in the return URL.
1.0.2 6/2/2017

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