Release notes

Version Date Comments
2.2 8/19/2020 New features
  • Addition of Spanish translations.
  • Update of translations.
  • Addition of the “Signature algorithm” parameter for the HMAC-SHA-256.
  • Update of the message concerning the transition to production mode on the return page.
  • Buyer’s brand selection is displayed in order details.
2.1 2/13/2018

New features:

Addition of installment payment.

2.0.3 1/19/2017

Improvement of translations.

Removal of key format control (alphanumeric).


A warning occurred on a successful payment relative to emptyCart() function.

2.0.2 6/1/2016 German file language added
2.0.1 3/5/2015 Bugfix:
  • In Joomla 3, redirection to the payment page used to fail (Fatal error: Class 'SystempayApi' not found in \plugins\vmpayment\Systempay\Systempay.php on line 155).
  • The difference between the paid amount and the order amount does not exist anymore. The amount transmitted to the payment platform is now rounded-up, as at Virtuemart, to display the shopping cart amount.
  • The logo is now loaded in the right folder.
  • The user ID in Joomla is now sent to the payment gateway (vads_cust_id)
1.1 1/19/2015 Bug fixes:

Correction of apostrophe management that used to generate an error with signature computation during the return to the shop.

1.0 1/14/2015

Initial version.