Release notes

Version Date Comments
1.1 10/7/2020 New features
  • Compatibility with versions 5.x and 6.x of xt:Commerce.
  • Addition of the “Signature algorithm” parameter for the HMAC-SHA-256.
  • Addition of Turkish and Polish to the list of available languages.
  • Addition of Spanish translations.
  • Update of translations.
  • The values of the vads_order_info2 variable have been transferred to vads_order_info.
  • Update of the message concerning the transition to production mode on the return page.
  • The verification of the key format has been removed in order to accept alphanumeric keys.
  • Addition of module logs.
  • Label entry in several languages.
  • Parameter description added to module configuration.

Bug fixes

  • The restriction on the amount was not operational for installment payment.
1.0 6/8/2016

Initial version.

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