Validation mode and capture delay

This article explains the functioning of the validation mode an the transaction capture delay.

Validation mode

There are two validation modes: automatic and manual.

In case of automatic validation, the transactions recorded by the payment gateway are automatically sent to the bank on the requested capture date. In this case, it is submitted for capture automatically.

In case of manual validation, the Merchant must imperatively validate each transaction before the expiry of the payment method authorization request validity, so that it is taken into account and sent for capture in the bank. If a transaction in manual validation mode has not been validated, its status changes to "Expired" when the authorization request is no longer valid. After this, the transaction can no longer be validated or sent to the bank.

Capture delay - captureDelay

The capture date is the date when transaction is sent to the acquirer in order to trigger the debit of the buyer account. The capture date is calculated as follows:

Date of capture in the bank = date of payment + delay of capture in the bank

By default, the capture delay is set to 0 days, meaning that the transaction is submitted for capture the same evening (at night).

This delay can be customized by default for each shop in the Merchant Back Office. It can also be defined for every transaction via a parameter transmitted in the payment request. It is also possible to change the capture date after the payment has been recorded, using the "modify" function.