Building the form

The form can be created in TEST mode the Form management tab. This tab consists of 3 areas:
  • List of available fields

    A field list is provided to the Merchant.

    The Merchant can also add new fields and configure them.


    The fields available by default (Title, Last name, First name, Address, etc.) are displayed in the language of the shop.

    If you wish to change the display language of these fields, contact E-commerce customer service.

    The Amount to be paid is presented in the default currency of the shop.

  • Configuration of the selected field
    Allows you to configure the field selected from the List of available fields.

  • Build the form
    This area allows the Merchant to organize their form. It is made up of two sections:
    • Required fields: to confirm the purchase, the Buyer must fill in these fields which will be marked with an asterisk (*).
    • Optional fields: the Buyer does not have to fill in these fields.