Canceling one or several transactions

This operation allows to cancel the transaction entirely before the actual debit.

It does not allow for partial cancellation. If you wish to partially cancel a transaction, see the chapter Editing a transaction.

Depending on the acquirer, cancellation is possible:
  • Before the capture date (particularly on the CB network).
  • After the capture date, as long as the transaction is not cleared. This is the case for Elavon Europe (GATECONEX network).

Cancellation is not suggested if the capture process is already in progress. In this case, you must proceed with a refund.

When a cancellation request is accepted, the transaction status changes to Canceled (CANCELLED).

It is impossible to cancel a cancellation request.

Reversal request

If the acquirer supports it, when the merchant cancels a transaction, the payment gateway automatically requests the cancellation of the authorization request.

If the card issuer accepts the request, the authorization limit of the cardholder’s card is restored.

Otherwise, or if the acquirer does not support the reversal, the transaction is canceled and the card limit is restored when the authorization request expires.

If a reversal request is made upon cancellation, it will appear in the transaction details (History tab).

To request a transaction cancellation:

  • Go to the Transactions is progress tab to cancel a transaction in progress.
  • Go to the Captured transactions tab to cancel a captured but uncleared transaction (Elavon Europe only).
  1. Select the transaction.
  2. Click Cancel.
    A confirmation message of cancellation appears.
  3. Click Yes to confirm the cancellation of the transaction or No to undo your action.
    A transaction canceled via the Captured transactions tab will remain visible in the Captured transactions tab.
An error message may appear if the transaction cannot be cancelled. In this case, follow the instructions in the message.

Case of installment payments:

If you cancel a transaction with installments, you have the option of canceling only the selected transaction or canceling all associated installments. Simply check “Cancel all scheduled payments”.

Cancellation of multiple transactions

It is possible to cancel several transactions at the same time:

  1. Select all the transactions to be canceled.

    Hold down the Ctrl key and the left mouse button simultaneously to select several transactions.

  2. Click Cancel and confirm your choice.

The status of the transactions will change to Canceled.