Viewing the American Express Safekey authentication result

Click on the Safekey tab.

In the Recap section, you will find:
  • The enrollment status of the payment method in the 3D Secure program
  • The authentication status of the cardholder
  • The final status of 3D Secure process
  • The result of the liability shift assessment

The other sections provide technical information on the authentication process, useful in the event of a customer support request:
  • 3D Secure v2: For the moment only version 1 of the protocol is supported.
  • 3D Secure v1: Indicates the URL of the authentication website of the cardholder’s bank (ACS).
  • Authentication data: Indicates the validity of the message containing the result of cardholder authentication (PaRes).
  • Authentication details: Lists the various events that occurred during authentication.