Viewing the American Express SafeKey authentication result

American Express SafeKey relies on 3D Secure technology to authenticate the cardholder during online payments.

The interpretation on the SafeKey tab information is identical to that presented in the chapter Viewing the 3D Secure authentication result.

Click on the SafeKey tab.

In the Recap section, you will find:
  • The enrollment status of the payment method in the 3D Secure program
  • The authentication status of the cardholder.
  • The final status of 3D Secure process
  • The result of the liability shift assessment

The other sections provide technical information on the authentication process, useful in the event of a customer support request:
  • 3D Secure v2: Indicates the authentication method of the cardholder (frictionless or challenge).
  • 3D Secure v1: Indicates the URL of the authentication website of the cardholder’s bank (ACS).
  • Authentication data: Indicates the merchant preference in 3DS2, the reason for refusal if transmitted by the ACS, or the validity of the message containing the result of cardholder authentication (PaRes) in 3DS1.
  • Authentication details: Lists the various events that occurred during authentication.

For more information, see chapter Viewing the 3D Secure authentication result.