Editing the user account

This action is performed by a user authorized to manage user accounts. For more information on granting this permission to manage user accounts, please contact E-commerce customer service.


A user can edit some details of their account in the Merchant Back Office. For example, they can edit the display options of their personal details by clicking on their Name > My account.

The modification of an account by an authorized user is carried out when there is a change in the identifier, the status and the user rights (access to the store(s) for example).

  1. Search for the user account to modify (see chapter Searching for a user).
  2. Select the user to display their account details.
  3. Edit the desired field(s).
    • Login

      This login is associated with the connection password.

      If it is modified, the user will receive an e-mail inviting him/her to log in, as upon the first connection. They will need to log in once again but will be able to keep their old password.

    • Title
    • First name
    • Name
    • Timezone selected from the list
    • E-mail

      In case of modification of the e-mail address, the new address will be taken into account immediately. However, an e-mail notification will be sent to the user’s old address. This notification displays the old and new address to verify that the change is intentional.

    • Language
      The selected language will be the default language used for communication (e.g. by e-mail) on your account.
    • Phone number(s)

      A mobile phone number is highly recommended as your company’s security code will be sent to this number and the user will need it to log in for the first time.

    • Read only

      If enabled, the user cannot make any changes. The user will be able to only view the details related to the company(ies) and/or shop(s) which he or she has access to.

    • User permissions
      You can add or delete user permissions just like upon user creation (see chapter Creating a user):
      • Add or remove a shop
      • Check or uncheck the boxes with the permissions that you wish to associate with the user
  4. Click Save.