V4 Request file (deprecated)

Header record

Pos. Description Values
01 Record code 00
02 File type PAY
03 File version 04
04 Shop ID 12345678
06 Creation date In YYYYMMDD format
07 Time of creation In HHMMSS format
08 Requested execution date.

Reserved for future use.

Do not populate

Detail record

Pos. Description
01 Description: Record code.

Type: NUMERIC | Length: 2

Value: 02

02 Description: Sequence number of the detail record in the file.

Type: NUMERIC | Length: 6

  • 1 for the first line of the detail record line.
  • 2 for the second detail record line.
03 Description: Transaction date in the YYYYMMDD format.

Type: NUMERIC | Length: 8

E.g.: 20200603

04 Description: Transaction time in the HHMMSS format.

Type: NUMERIC | Length: 6

E.g.: 120615

05 Description: Transaction identifier.

Type: NUMERIC | Length: 6

Hosted Payment Page equivalent: vads_trans_id

REST API equivalent: N/A

E.g.: 000001

06 Description: Transaction type

Type: VARCHAR | Length: 2

Value: CD

07 Description: Transaction amount expressed in the smallest currency unit .

Type: NUMERIC | Length: 13

Hosted Payment Page equivalent: vads_amount

REST API equivalent: amount

E.g.: 4525 for EUR 45.25

08 Description: Numeric code of the currency (ISO 4217 standard).

Type: NUMERIC | Length: 3

Hosted Payment Page equivalent: vads_currency

REST API equivalent: currency

E.g.: 978 for euro (EUR) (See chapter List of supported currencies in the appendix)

09 Description: Requested capture date in the YYYYMMDD format. Leave empty to indicate the current date.

Type: NUMERIC | Length: 8

Hosted Payment Page equivalent: N/A

REST API equivalent: N/A

E.g.: 20200603

10 Description: Validation mode.

Type: NUMERIC | Length: 1

Hosted Payment Page equivalent: vads_validation_mode

REST API equivalent: cardOptions.manualValidation

Possible values:
  • 0: for automatic validation
  • 1: for manual validation
  • Empty: for using the default validation mode.

E.g.: 0

11 Description: Token or to debit.

Type: VARCHAR | Length: 50

Hosted Payment Page equivalent: vads_identifier

REST API equivalent: paymentMethodToken

E.g.: 59ecb199110145338c5704505760ec31

12 Description: The Merchant ID to be used. Leave empty for using the default contract.

Type: VARCHAR | Length: 128

Hosted Payment Page equivalent: vads_contracts

REST API equivalent: cardOptions.mid

E.g.: 1234567

13 Description: Order reference.

Type: VARCHAR | Length: 32

The only accepted special character is “-”.

Hosted Payment Page equivalent: vads_order_id

REST API equivalent: orderId

E.g.: CX-1254

14 Description: Order details 1.

Type: VARCHAR | Length: 255

Hosted Payment Page equivalent: vads_order_info

REST API equivalent: metadata.orderInfo

E.g.: Door code 3125

15 Description: Order details 2.

Type: VARCHAR | Length: 255

Hosted Payment Page equivalent: vads_order_info2

REST API equivalent: metadata.orderInfo2

E.g.: No elevator

16 Description: Order details 3.

Type: VARCHAR | Length: 255

Hosted Payment Page equivalent: vads_order_info3

REST API equivalent: metadata.orderInfo3

E.g.: Express

End record

Pos. Description Values
01 Record code 01
02 Number of transmitted detail records.

It is recommended not to exceed 2000 records per file.

E.g.: 3

File sample

File name: 20200603.12345678.PAY.REQ.T.01