Error codes

An error code looks like [PREFIX]_[CODE], where:

[PREFIX] Defines the application layer where the error occurred.
[CODE] Numeric error code.

There are different prefixes:

ACQ Error on the acquirer side ACQ_001
AUTH Authentication error AUTH_149
CLIENT JavaScript application error (in the buyer''s browser) CLIENT_003
INT Integration error (on the merchant side) INT_007
PSP Error on the PSP side PSP_001

Errors are returned via 4 parameters:

  "errorCode": "INT_015",
  "errorMessage": "invalid customer email",
  "detailedErrorCode": null,
  "detailedErrorMessage": "Invalid input value [, value=fake-email]"
errorCode Error code string (in [PREFIX]_[CODE] format)
errorMessage Error message string
detailedErrorCode Detailed error code string (or null)
detailedErrorMessage Detailed message string (or null)

New error codes can be added in the future. Your implementation must imperatively take this fact into account.

ACQ errors

These errors occur on the merchant acquirer's side (bank).

ACQ_001 Payment refused
ACQ_999 Technical error

The code of acquirer's authorization rejection is returned in detailedErrorCode. These codes are returned without any modifications. They are specific to each acquirer.

For example, if a VISA card is rejected because it was identified as stolen, the structure of the error will be:

  "errorCode": "ACQ_001",
  "errorMessage": "payment refused",
  "detailedErrorCode": "43",
  "detailedErrorMessage": "null"

See the list of detailedErrorCode values for more information.

AUTH errors

AUTH errors (as in “authentication”) are usually linked to issues with authentication servers (e.g. during 3D Secure).

AUTH_100 Invalid ACS signature
AUTH_101 Technical error 3DS
AUTH_102 Wrong 3DS parameter
AUTH_103 3DS disabled
AUTH_149 3DS operation timeout
AUTH_999 Technical error

CLIENT errors

These errors occur in the buyer's browser. They occur before the payment data is sent to our servers. This concerns, for example, local form data validation errors or JavaScript client integration errors.

For more information, see the JavaScript client documentation.

INT errors

INT errors (as in “integration”) are usually linked to issues with integration on the merchant side.

INT_005 The manualValidation parameter is invalid
INT_006 The captureDelay or expectedCaptureDate parameter is invalid
INT_009 The amount parameter is invalid
INT_010 The currency parameter is invalid
INT_012 The customer.language parameter is invalid
INT_013 The orderId parameter is invalid
INT_015 The parameter is invalid
INT_016 The customer.reference parameter is invalid
INT_017 The customer.billingDetails.title parameter is invalid
INT_019 The customer.billingDetails.address parameter is invalid
INT_020 The customer.billingDetails.zipCode parameter is invalid
INT_021 The parameter is invalid
INT_022 The parameter is invalid
INT_023 The customer.billingDetails.phoneNumber parameter is invalid
INT_030 The paymentMethodToken parameter is invalid
INT_031 The contrib parameter is invalid
INT_040 The pan parameter is invalid
INT_041 The expiryMonth parameter is invalid
INT_042 The expiryYear parameter is invalid
INT_043 The securityCode parameter is invalid
INT_050 The strongAuthentication parameter is invalid
INT_060 The paymentSource parameter is invalid
INT_062 The mid parameter is invalid
INT_064 The rrule parameter is invalid
INT_066 The initialAmount parameter is invalid
INT_068 The initialAmountNumber parameter is invalid
INT_069 The effectDate parameter is invalid
INT_077 The customer.shippingDetails.cellPhoneNumber parameter is invalid
INT_081 The customer.shippingDetails.address parameter is invalid
INT_082 The customer.shippingDetails.address2 parameter is invalid
INT_083 The parameter is invalid
INT_084 The customer.shippingDetails.state parameter is invalid
INT_085 The customer.shippingDetails.zipCode parameter is invalid
INT_086 The parameter is invalid
INT_087 The customer.shippingDetails.address2 parameter is invalid
INT_088 The customer.billingDetails.state parameter is invalid
INT_091 The metadata parameter is invalid
INT_092 The customer.billingDetails.category parameter is invalid
INT_093 The customer.shippingDetails.category parameter is invalid
INT_094 The customer.shippingDetails.shippingMethod parameter is disabled
INT_095 The customer.shippingDetails.shippingSpeed parameter is invalid
INT_096 The customer.shippingDetails.deliveryCompanyName parameter is invalid
INT_097 The cartItemInfo.productLabel parameter is invalid
INT_098 The cartItemInfo.productType parameter is invalid
INT_100 The cartItemInfo.productRef parameter is invalid
INT_101 The cartItemInfo.productQty parameter is invalid
INT_102 The cartItemInfo.productAmount parameter is invalid
INT_104 The customer.billingDetails.firstName parameter is invalid
INT_105 The customer.billingDetails.lastName parameter is invalid
INT_106 The customer.shippingDetails.firstName parameter is invalid
INT_107 The customer.shippingDetails.lastName parameter is invalid
INT_108 The customer.shoppingCart.taxAmount parameter is invalid
INT_109 The customer.shoppingCart.shippingAmount parameter is invalid
INT_110 The customer.shoppingCart.insuranceAmount parameter is invalid
INT_112 The customer.billingDetails.streetNumber parameter is invalid
INT_113 The customer.billingDetails.district parameter is invalid
INT_114 The customer.shippingDetails.streetNumber parameter is invalid
INT_115 The customer.shippingDetails.district parameter is invalid
INT_121 The customer.billingDetails.legalName parameter is invalid
INT_124 The customer.billingDetails.identityCode parameter is invalid
INT_125 The customer.shippingDetails.legalName parameter is invalid
INT_130 The acquireTransientData parameter is invalid
INT_131 The overridePaymentCinematic parameter is invalid
INT_203 The cartItemInfo.productVat parameter is invalid
INT_816 The Id parameter is required when the charge/Authenticate request contains an instructionResult object
INT_817 The x-shop-id header is required for provider authentication
INT_818 The source IP address of the request is not authorized for this provider
INT_819 The shop identifier is not associated with this provider
INT_821 The e-mail address is required for verifying the payment method
INT_822 Unauthorized domain
INT_823 The operationSessionId parameter is invalid
INT_824 Invalid instructionResult object
INT_825 Invalid device object
INT_826 Invalid device.timeZoneOffset parameter
INT_827 The device.screenWidth parameter is invalid
INT_828 Invalid device.screenHeight parameter
INT_829 The device.colorDepth parameter is invalid
INT_830 The device.language parameter is invalid
INT_831 The device.javaEnabled parameter is invalid
INT_832 The device.ip parameter is invalid
INT_833 The device.userAgent parameter is invalid
INT_834 The device.acceptHeader parameter is invalid
INT_835 The device.deviceType parameter is invalid
INT_836 The SMSOptions object is missing
INT_837 The channelOptions.whatsAppOptions.phoneNumber parameter is missing
INT_839 The whatsAppOptions object is missing
INT_841 The mailOptions object is missing
INT_849 The userDetails parameter is invalid
INT_850 The channelOptions.mailOptions.recipient parameter is missing
INT_851 The paymentReceiptEmail parameter is invalid
INT_852 The expandedData parameter is invalid
INT_853 The useDataCollectionForm parameter is invalid
INT_854 The channel parameter is invalid
INT_855 The expirationDateTime parameter is invalid
INT_856 The locale parameter is invalid
INT_857 The pretaxAmount parameter is invalid
INT_858 The taxRate parameter is invalid
INT_859 The languageFallback parameter is invalid
INT_860 The captureDelay parameter is invalid
INT_865 The EligibleAmount parameter is not authorized during a Conecs payment via the embedded form. The entire amount is considered as eligible in Meal Vouchers (Titre-Restaurant).
INT_869 The taxAmount parameter is invalid
INT_873 The fingerPrintId parameter is invalid
INT_874 The paymentMethodType parameter is undefined
INT_875 The formAction parameter is invalid
INT_876 The payload parameter is invalid
INT_877 The customer.shippingDetails.identityCode parameter is invalid
INT_878 The commission parameter is invalid
INT_880 initialAmount and initialAmountNumber must be defined
INT_883 The description parameter is invalid
INT_885 The formToken parameter is invalid
INT_886 The debitCreditSelector parameter is invalid
INT_887 The brand parameter is invalid
INT_892 The paymentMethodType parameter is invalid
INT_893 The firstInstallmentDelay parameter is invalid
INT_895 The installmentNumber parameter is invalid
INT_896 Parameter not supported for recurring payments
INT_897 The subscriptionId parameter is invalid
INT_898 The comment parameter is invalid
INT_899 The retry parameter is invalid
INT_900 The parameter does not exist
INT_901 Web Service not found
INT_902 One of the parameters sent to the web service is invalid
INT_903 formToken not found
INT_904 Invalid public key
INT_905 Invalid username or password
INT_906 The formToken parameter is invalid
INT_910 Token creation is not enabled for this payment method
INT_911 The public key does not correspond to the formToken
INT_912 The password does not correspond to the transaction
INT_913 Authorized only for PCI-DSS Merchants
INT_916 The use of the CUSTOMER_WALLET value is subject to an offer with the “Payment by token” option
INT_917 The buyer reference (customer.reference) is mandatory when the value of formAction is CUSTOMER_WALLET
INT_918 Disabling 3DS requires the SELECT_3DS function
INT_999 Technical error

PSP errors

PSP errors (Payment Service Provider) occur when the PSP cannot process the request.

Code Message
PSP_001 Unauthorized action.
PSP_002 Invalid attribute.
PSP_003 Payment refused.
PSP_010 Transaction not found.
PSP_011 The transaction status is incorrect.
PSP_012 This transaction already exists.
PSP_013 The date is too far from the current date (in UTC).
PSP_014 No change.
PSP_015 Too many results.
PSP_016 Duplication forbidden.
PSP_020 Invalid amount.
PSP_021 Unknown currency.
PSP_022 Unknown card type.
PSP_023 The expiration date is invalid.
PSP_024 The CVV is mandatory.
PSP_025 Contract (MID) number unknown.
PSP_026 The card number is invalid.
PSP_030 Token not found.
PSP_031 Token invalid (terminated, empty, etc.).
PSP_032 subscriptionId attribute not found.
PSP_033 The rrule attribute is invalid or recurring payment already canceled.
PSP_034 The token already exists.
PSP_035 Token creation denied.
PSP_036 paymentMethodToken attribute purged.
PSP_040 The amount attribute is not authorized.
PSP_041 Card range not found.
PSP_042 The payment method has insufficient funds.
PSP_043 Refunds are not allowed for this MID.
PSP_050 No brand found.
PSP_051 The merchant is not enrolled.
PSP_052 The ACS signature is invalid.
PSP_053 3DS technical error.
PSP_054 Incorrect 3DS parameter.
PSP_055 3DS disabled.
PSP_056 PAN not found.
PSP_057 The specific data that must be transmitted to the acquirer is invalid.
PSP_075 Cancellation impossible, please try a refund.
PSP_076 The refund operation is not yet available, please try to cancel.
PSP_077 The Redeban acquirer does not authorize refunds for a MAESTRO card. Please contact RBM at:
PSP_078 The Credibanco acquirer does not allow refunds for AMEX cards. Please contact Credibanco at the following e-mail address:
PSP_079 The Redeban acquirer does not allow refunds for Diners cards. Please contact Davivienda at
PSP_080 Unauthorized capture as the transaction is not recorded in a CNAB/Remessa file (Boleto payment).
PSP_081 Manual capture is not supported within this network.
PSP_082 Credit is not allowed for this type of transaction (VERIFICATION, CREDIT).
PSP_083 Non-refundable for an unpaid transaction.
PSP_085 The eligible amount cannot be negative.
PSP_087 The eligible amount is missing.
PSP_088 Eligible amount greater than the order amount.
PSP_090 Refund not authorized.
PSP_092 Impossible to cancel the transaction.
PSP_093 Impossible to refund the transaction.
PSP_097 OneyWs error.
PSP_098 Invalid RequestId attribute.
PSP_099 Too many attempts.
PSP_100 REST API not enabled.
PSP_101 The transaction cannot be refunded.
PSP_102 The transaction cannot be canceled.
PSP_103 The amount cannot be defined in the current context.
PSP_104 The transaction has already been refunded.
PSP_105 The transaction has already been canceled.
PSP_106 API call limit exceeded.
PSP_107 Card recording is not enabled for this payment method.
PSP_108 The payment form has expired.
PSP_109 The production mode of the shop is not activated.
PSP_110 Transaction cannot be updated.
PSP_111 No payment applications found.
PSP_112 Unable to refund: the payment method has expired.
PSP_113 Duplicate submission.
PSP_114 Split payment is not enabled.
PSP_115 No payment method defined.
PSP_136 3D Secure session expired. Exceeded time limit for 3D Secure authentication.
PSP_200 Not enough digits to detect the type.
PSP_210 Duplication of verification type transactions forbidden.
PSP_401 Transaction not created.
PSP_501 Transaction not found.
PSP_502 Transaction not found.
PSP_503 This action has not been authorized for a transaction with the {0} status.
PSP_504 This transaction is not authorized in this context.
PSP_505 This transaction already exists.
PSP_506 Invalid transaction amount.
PSP_507 This action is no longer possible for a transaction created on that day.
PSP_508 The card expiration date does not allow this action.
PSP_509 CVV mandatory for this card.
PSP_510 The refund amount is greater than the initial amount.
PSP_511 The refunds total amount is greater than the initial amount.
PSP_512 Credit duplication (refund) is not authorized.
PSP_513 Due to a technical problem, we are unable to process your request.
PSP_514 Due to a technical problem, we are unable to process your request.
PSP_515 Due to a technical problem, we are unable to process your request.
PSP_516 Due to a technical problem, we are unable to process your request.
PSP_517 Aurore MID configuration has failed.
PSP_518 Cetelem response analysis has failed.
PSP_519 Unknown currency.
PSP_520 Invalid type card.
PSP_521 No MID has been found for this payment. Please edit the details or contact your manager in case the error reoccurs.
PSP_522 Shop not found.
PSP_523 Ambiguous MID.
PSP_524 Invalid MID.
PSP_525 Due to a technical problem, we are unable to process your request.
PSP_526 Invalid card number.
PSP_527 Invalid card number.
PSP_528 Invalid card number.
PSP_529 Invalid card number.
PSP_530 Invalid card number (Luhn).
PSP_531 Invalid card number (length).
PSP_532 Invalid card number (not found).
PSP_533 Invalid card number (not found).
PSP_534 Failed verification of the card requiring systematic verification.
PSP_535 Failed e-Carte Bleue verification.
PSP_536 The transaction has been refused by risk management.
PSP_537 Interruption not processed during the payment.
PSP_538 Due to a technical problem, we are unable to process your request.
PSP_539 3D Secure refused for the transaction.
PSP_540 Due to a technical problem, we are unable to process your request.
PSP_541 Due to a technical problem, we are unable to process your request.
PSP_542 An internal error occurred while consulting the card number.
PSP_543 An internal error occurred while consulting the card number.
PSP_545 Invalid currency for the modification.
PSP_546 The amount is greater than the authorized amount.
PSP_547 The desired capture date exceeds the authorization expiration date.
PSP_548 The requested modification is invalid.
PSP_549 Invalid definition of the installment payment.
PSP_550 Unknown shop.
PSP_551 Unknown exchange rate.
PSP_552 The MID has been terminated since {0}.
PSP_553 The shop {0} has been closed since {1}.
PSP_554 Rejected parameter that may contain sensitive data {0}.
PSP_555 Due to a technical problem, we are unable to process your request.
PSP_557 An error occurred while retrieving the token.
PSP_558 The token status is not compatible with this operation.
PSP_559 An error occurred while retrieving the token.
PSP_560 This token already exists.
PSP_561 Invalid token.
PSP_562 Token creation failed.
PSP_563 This recurring payment already exists.
PSP_564 This recurring payment has already been terminated.
PSP_565 Invalid recurring payment.
PSP_566 Invalid recurrence rule.
PSP_567 Recurring payment creation failed.
PSP_569 Due to a technical problem, we are unable to process your request.
PSP_570 Invalid country code.
PSP_571 Invalid web service parameter.
PSP_572 The authorization has been declined by Cofinoga.
PSP_573 Refusal of authorization for 1 euro (or request for information from the CB network if supported by the acquirer).
PSP_574 Invalid payment configuration.
PSP_575 The operation has been rejected by PayPal.
PSP_577 Due to a technical problem, we are unable to process your request.
PSP_578 Transaction ID missing.
PSP_579 This transaction ID is already used.
PSP_580 Transaction ID expired.
PSP_581 Invalid contents of the config theme.
PSP_582 The refund is not authorized.
PSP_583 The transaction amount does not respect the allowed values.
PSP_585 Due to a technical problem, we are unable to process your request.
PSP_587 Due to a technical problem, we are unable to process your request.
PSP_591 No payment options have been enabled for this MID.
PSP_592 An error occurred while calculating the payment channel.
PSP_593 An error occurred during buyer redirection to the page of payment finalization.
PSP_594 A technical error has occurred.
PSP_596 An error occurred while capturing this transaction.
PSP_597 The capture date is too far.
PSP_598 Invalid transaction date.
PSP_599 An error occurred while calculating the payment source.
PSP_600 Failed commercial card verification.
PSP_601 Declined due the refusal of the first installment.
PSP_603 The transaction status could not be synchronized with the external system.
PSP_604 An error occurred while capturing this transaction.
PSP_605 A security error occurred while processing 3DS authorization for this transaction.
PSP_606 Unsupported currency on this Merchant ID (MID) and/or shop.
PSP_607 The card associated with the token is no longer valid.
PSP_608 Due to a technical problem, we are unable to process your request.
PSP_609 The timeout has been exceeded during buyer redirection.
PSP_610 None of the MIDs associated with your shop can be used.
PSP_611 Refus des transactions sans garantie de paiement.
PSP_612 Cancellation is not authorized.
PSP_613 Duplication is not authorized.
PSP_615 The refund is not authorized.
PSP_616 Manual payment not authorized for this card.
PSP_618 Manual installment payment not authorized for this card.
PSP_619 The submitted date is invalid.
PSP_620 The initial transaction option is not applicable.
PSP_624 Inactive card.
PSP_625 Payment refused by the acquirer.
PSP_626 This action is impossible as the payment sequence has not been completed.
PSP_636 Refus des transactions dérivées, sans garantie de paiement sur la transaction primaire.
PSP_637 Duplicate transaction.
PSP_638 Partial refund is impossible for this transaction.
PSP_639 Refund refused.
PSP_641 The transaction has been declined by the risk analyzer.
PSP_642 The card type used is not valid for the requested payment mode.
PSP_643 Due to a technical problem, we are unable to process your request.
PSP_644 A transaction in production mode has been marked as in test mode by the acquirer.
PSP_645 A transaction in test mode has been marked as in production mode by the acquirer.
PSP_646 Invalid SMS code.
PSP_647 The risk management module has requested for this transaction to be declined.
PSP_648 Due to a technical problem, we are unable to process your request. Transaction has not been created.
PSP_649 The payment session has expired (the buyer has been redirected to the ACS and has not finalized the 3D Secure authentication).
PSP_650 Due to a technical problem, we are unable to process your request. Transaction has not been created.
PSP_651 A FacilyPay transaction cannot be canceled/edited/refunded between 11.30pm and 5.30am.
PSP_652 Due to a technical problem, we are unable to process your request.
PSP_653 A technical error occurred during the call to the Banque Accord service.
PSP_655 The FacilyPay transaction could not be canceled/edited/refunded: the transaction status does not allow to perform the requested action. Reminder regarding a FacilyPay transaction: a refund must be made within two days after the capture, the delay between two refunds is one day, a partial refund is limited to 20 days, a full refund is limited to 6 months.
PSP_658 Due to a technical problem, we are unable to process your request.
PSP_659 The amount is less than the minimum authorized amount (minimum={0} {1}).
PSP_660 It is impossible to refund an unpaid transaction.
PSP_665 The ID type is specified, but its number is missing.
PSP_666 The ID number is specified, but its type is missing.
PSP_667 The ID type is unknown.
PSP_668 The ID number is invalid.
PSP_669 The specific data that must be transmitted to the acquirer is invalid.
PSP_670 The deferred payment is not allowed.
PSP_671 The deferred payment is not allowed.
PSP_672 The selected payment process is invalid.
PSP_673 Error of the Express Checkout service at PayPal.
PSP_675 Cancellation impossible, please try a refund.
PSP_676 Refund impossible, please try a cancellation.
PSP_677 No response to the authorization request has been received within the required deadline.
PSP_678 Cancellation impossible, the transaction has already been canceled.
PSP_679 The transaction status is unknown.
PSP_682 The national client identifier is missing.
PSP_683 The format of the national client identifier is incorrect.
PSP_707 3D Secure - Refusal of the authentication by the issuer.
PSP_708 3D Secure - Refusal as authentication by the issuer is impossible.
PSP_713 3D Secure - Session altered by the ACS.
PSP_716 OTP expired.
PSP_717 Invalid OTP.
PSP_718 Invalid authentication settings.
PSP_719 A technical error occurred during authentication.
PSP_720 An internal error occurred during authentication.
PSP_722 The authentication has been canceled.
PSP_997 A technical error occurred while trying to authenticate the cardholder.
PSP_998 HTTP error.
PSP_999 Technical error.
PSP_1000 The payment order was not found.
PSP_1001 Unable to reach the WhatsApp gateway.
PSP_1002 The recipient's phone number is not associated with a WhatsApp account.
PSP_1003 WhatsApp configuration missing.
PSP_1004 The WhatsApp template is not available for the requested locale.
PSP_1005 Unauthorised action with a payment order with "Finalized" status.
PSP_1006 Unauthorized action with a payment order with "Expired" status.
PSP_1007 The expiration date cannot be before the creation date and cannot exceed 90 days.
PSP_1008 Validity date required.
PSP_1009 VAT rate required (the VAT rate has not been set as a parameter, could not be calculated and is not configured in the shop).
PSP_1010 The payment order does not match the shop identifier.
PSP_1011 The payment order does not match the mode (TEST or PRODUCTION).
PSP_1012 Invalid locale, expected format: xx_XX.
PSP_1013 The languageFallback parameter is invalid, expected format: xx_XX.
PSP_1014 The shop does not have a data collection form.
PSP_1015 The shop does not have the data collection form function.
PSP_1016 Transmission channel not implemented.
PSP_1017 Cannot change the transmission channel of a payment order.
PSP_1018 Data collection form not available for the currency transmitted in the query.
PSP_1019 The subject attribute is required.
PSP_1020 The recipient attribute is required.
PSP_1021 The message attribute is required.
PSP_1022 The e-mail template is not available for the requested locale.
PSP_1023 The amount attribute must be set to 0 in case of recording a payment method.
PSP_1024 The amount attribute should not be set to 0 in case of a payment.
PSP_1025 The paymentReceiptEmail attribute is required.
PSP_1026 Duplicate data in the expandedData attribute.
PSP_1027 Invalid data in the expandedData attribute.
PSP_1028 An unknown error occurred while sending the SMS.
PSP_1029 Invalid login or password of the SMS account.
PSP_1030 Your SMS account balance is exceeded.
PSP_1031 Invalid phone number.
PSP_9999 Unknown error.