Customizing elements on the payment page

To customize payment pages, select the Payment pages tab.

Payment pages combine all the steps of the payment process. Their number may vary depending on the context.

The customization will apply:

  • To every page of the payment process:
    • the page of payment method selection
    • the page of payment method detail entry
    • the page of payment method detail entry with a pending message
    • the page of payment method detail entry during an installment payment
    • the page of payment method detail entry during a split payment
    • the page confirming a successfully completed operation
    • the rejection page
    • the technical error page
    • the redirection page to ACS 3D-Secure
  • To every end device:
    • desktop computer
    • laptop
    • tablet
    • Cell phone or smart phone
  • To all available display languages
  • The selected model
    A default model is suggested. However, it is possible to:
    • create a new template
    • copy the currently selected template
    • delete a template
      You can define the desired template inside your payment requests by adding the following line of code to your payment form.
      For more information, see the Hosted Payment Page Implementation Guide.

The Preview options view allows to display all the payment page preview options with their context.
Figure 1. Preview options