Setting up notifications

Several types of notifications are provided in the Merchant Back Office.

  • Instant Payment Notification URL call
  • E-mail sent to the merchant
  • E-mail sent to the buyer

They allow to manage the events (payment accepted, payment abandoned by the buyer, payment canceled by the merchant, payment validated by the merchant, etc.) that will trigger a notification to the merchant website, the merchant or the buyer.

The notifications of Instant Payment Notification URL call type are the most important as they represent the only reliable way for the merchant website to obtain the payment result.

If the payment gateway is unable to access the URL of your page, an e-mail will be sent to the shop administrator.

It contains:

  • The HTTP code of the encountered error
  • Parts of error analysis
  • Its consequences
  • Instructions to resend from the Merchant Back Office the notification to the URL already specified above.

To access notification rule management:

Go to the following menu: Settings > Notification rules.