Knowledge base

Here you will find different articles on solutions and use cases based on REST API.

Concepts and background information

Description Article  
Test cards Test cards  
Transaction lifecycle Lifecycle  
Cancellation and refund: what are the differences? Canceling a transaction  
Automatic or manual validation, capture delay? Validation mode  
Payment by token? 1-click payment  
Wallet management Wallet management  
Instant notification (IPN): concepts Background information on the IPN  

RESTful Web Services

Description Article  
Authentication method for REST Web Services Authentication phase  
Instant notification (IPN): how to use it Using the IPN  
Functioning and characteristics of RESTful API implementation Functioning of the API  
Status reference and detailedStatus Transaction lifecycle  

Embedded client (JavaScript)

This section describes different features of the JavaScript client.

Description Article  
Transmit the fields based on your needs Use cases  
Adding custom form fields Additional fields  
Performing a single payment Start: single payment  
Handling embedded form errors Error handling  
Handling new payment attempts (retry) Handling retries  
Event and method reference of the JS client JavaScript Client Reference  
Pre-configured themes and personalization with CSS Themes  
Switch from redirected form to embedded form Migrating the form with redirect  

For PCI-DSS certified merchants

Description Article  
Creating a single transaction using a payment method Charge/CreatePayment PCI  
Creating a transaction with strong authentication using a payment method Charge/CreatePayment PCI + 3DS  
Authenticating a future transaction with 3D Secure version 1 or 2 PCI/Charge/Authenticate PCI